cnc wax milling service | CNC wax model milling

cnc wax milling service

Only Wax cnc milling company in Thailand, We have the ability to produce any prototype in Wax which inturn can be casted and made in to Final product.

Our Lead time is very fast, 

Modeling product using Rhino, 
If you have your own 3dm or stl file we can produce the model, in High precision CNC milling and present you.


Here we present you with our complete set of machines that we have so that you can know what we can do with your model files.


Out put of wax model on the CNC Machine


Call: 08 767 81346 for any further assistance, Thanks 

Cad file designing service in Thailand. We have the ability to design and produce your models in real time. 

SAM 2150

CNC wax milling machine Bangkok, Thailand, We do CNC wax milling for Jewelry industry. Send us your File in STL we will mill the wax and send you the Wax in 24Hr. Prompt service.

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