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Rpt printing 3d wax printing 

Rpt printing (Model making using Latest digital technology)
Or 3d wax printing for jewelry 

SAM 2044

Having state of the art jewelry making Machines, send in your file to

we will print and mail you back in 24hr, 

Finished wax model made with in 3 hr, 

Call : +91 988 4999016

SAM 2096
SAM 2097
SAM 2098
SAM 2155

This is made with dws printer, as you can see how perfect the print is .

we make quality 3d print out for jewelry industry, try us we are lowest and Top quality printing company in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is our RPT print out looks direct castable resin, 
we use DWS 3d printer, high quality standards, Very High quality finish .

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